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09th February 2024

Tribute - Robert Badinter

Robert Badinter (1928-2024)

Ancien Ministre de la Justice, Président du Conseil Constitutionnel et Sénateur

It is with very great sadness the Society records the passing of Robert Badinter, lawyer, activist, academic, politician and author. He enacted the abolition of the death penalty in France. Ministre de Justice (1981-1986), Sénateur (1995-2011) and Président of the Conseil Constitutionnel (1986-95) appointed by Président Francois Mitterand. Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne where he had studied followed by University of Columbia, New York. As an abolitionist and activist that had started in 1972 and dedicated himself to that aim after being a witness at executions. His father had been arrested in 1943 in the Nazi Rue Sainte Catherine roundup and sent to death in Sobibor camp. Robert Badinter was active against holocaust denials.  He was the first President of the Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (1995). Also honorary co-chair of the World Justice Project and so much more.

The Ministre gave his support to the Society as guest of honour attending and speaking at its Annual Colloqium in the late 1990s at the Faculté de Droit, at the University of Lille. It was a resounding success thanks to him.

At the ‘Hommage to Roger Errera ‘, hosted at the Conseil d’Etat by Vice-Président Jean-Marc SAUVÉ, patron, Sir Michael TUGENDHAT spoke and the concluding speech was given by the Ministre. Given without notes

All in the French, European and International field of justice and the Rule of Law, and human rights will mourn the passing of such an exceptional jurist and immensely kind and generous human being.

The Society’s thoughts are with his family at this time.