The Society

The Society promotes co-operation and understanding between the legal systems of France and the United Kingdom. It facilitates the mutual exchange of ideas, experience and learning between lawyers, jurists and judges in all parts of the two countries, and it seeks to multiply fruitful contacts and friendships among them.

L'Association des Juristes Franco Britanniques - The Franco British Lawyers Society is a unique body whose members are lawyers of every type - students, teachers of the law, judges and practitioners, from the UK and France.

It organises events large and small on a range of matters including the rights of animals, cooperation between the British and French navies, judicial cooperation, family law and criminal procedure as well as career events for young lawyers, competitions for excellence in the teaching of the law, and extraordinary recreations of famous trials.

Membership is not expensive and opens up opportunities to meet colleagues, mentors, friends and fellow travellers across borders. Its mission has become more important after Brexit. Distinguished judges from England, France, Northern Ireland and Scotland have played leading roles in its activities over the past thirty years.

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